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Any items you do not feel it's 100% correct

Is always good to check our credit reports at least once a year because it may have false information and that itself can cause a low credit score and more money spent due to those mistakes.

Inaccurate accounts or information

1 out of 5 people have mistakes on their credit reports. Anything from a single letter, invalid digit, wrong address, wrong dob can drastically impact your score.

Errors, Mistakes or Duplicate accounts

Credit bureaus often make mistakes or errors. our credit report can even have duplicate accounts without us even knowing. For example agencies can sell to different companies and make duplicates on the same account.

Excessive Inquiries

Many times when trying to apply for a loan or credit cards they can run your credit multiple times and that can also effect your score.

Mixed Credit Files

Typically, when there is a jr. in the family or the names are very similar there can be a mix up.

Identity theft or Fraud

Someone else could have stolen your personal information and committed Fraud.

If so, these are all questionable and we are able to help.